So I arrive into work today to find two emails from Blacknight addressed “IMPORTANT – We inform you that you have a new notice”.

I quickly realise something is wrong because the emails did not arrive to the email address that I use for my Blacknight account. But when I looked at the actual emails, they had the usual Blacknight information and logo across the top and the boring stuff across the bottom. These people have done their homework and unfortunately, someone is going to fall for this scam.



But it is a scam!

If you get them, DO NOT CLICK ANY OF THE LINKS within the email or respond to it in any way. Mark the email as Spam and go about your happy day.


How Do You Know It’s A Scam?

There are a few give away signs to look for in a scam or phishing email.

  1. First ask yourself, do I have an account with this company? If you do, is this the email address I use for that account? If not, then the email is not real.
  2. Usually the english language and grammar doesn’t read right (both in the subject line and the email content). It will be very vague and not really telling you anything of significance. “We inform you that you have a new notice in your area of ​​customers.” Ask yourself is that usually how Blacknight word their emails?
  3. Who is the email addressed to? “Hello!” is definitely not a greeting from a legitimate company. The email should be addressed to the persons name that is used on the account you have with the company. Dear Sir/Madam, Dear Company, Hello There, Hello Friend, these are all terms used in phishing or scam emails and not used by a real company who knows you or a company who you have business with.
  4. Is there a link they want you to click? Phishing emails always want you to click a link. NEVER CLICK A LINK. The link will look real but it’s not. In this email it looks like it’s the link to log into your Blacknight account. But when you hover over the link, you get the real link that you are clicking to. And it’s not really Blacknight at all.


What To Do?

The best piece of advice I can give you is if you are unsure in any way, always err on the side of caution. DO NOT FOLLOW THE EMAIL. Ring the Company who are supposed to have sent the email (do not use the contact details within the email itself to do this as they may be fake). They will be able to confirm the email very quickly for you.

The emails are becoming much more convincing so please, take a few moments to check the above areas of the email and don’t get caught out.

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